Elegant Payment Processing

Designed for
every industry

Streamline your payment processes, expand your business, and find market information to make data-driven decisions. We have the solution you need.

payd business and services

Assisting you in improving your business operations

We create and build our features so that you can benefit from our straightforward, secure, and cutting-edge services. For your employees and customers, we aim to make payments simple.

Payment Links

By creating a payment link that you can send to your clients by email, WhatsApp, or SMS, you may accept payments from anywhere online.

Pay by QR Code

Simplify payment processes with a scannable QR code that takes your customer to your branded payment page just using a smartphone camera.

Auto Invoicing

Merchants can go paperless just by uploading all documents and proof of address along with the company logo.

Local Payments

Enable prevalent regional payment options from the MENA region to give your consumers a comfortable buying experience.

 Interactive Dashboard

Our Dashboard has all the merchant details including their transactions and services they can use.

Ecommerce APIs

The merchant will get access to the developer tool, allowing them to connect the services to their websites and mobile applications via our API documentation.

Process payments

We provide solutions to
make payment processes simple
from virtually anywhere

No matter the size of your company, our platform will help you with creating a unique payment solution that meets your needs.

Available for businesses
all over MENA

We have local offices and acquirers in the GCC and other MENA nations, as well as regional experts in payment processing technology, who can provide solutions catered to your local currency.

 Sales Growth

Grow your company,
attract new clients, and
accept more local payments

Provide your clients an instant sense of familiarity with local payment methods anywhere in the MENA Region.

 Interactive Dashboard

User-friendly and straightforward
dashboard with merchant
details and transactions

Let us handle your cash collections and deposits and you can monitor them on the dashboard.

 Ecommerce APIs

Make online payment an
option for your online business’
ease of transaction

With an access to the developer tool, merchants can use PAYD’s API documentation connecting the services to their website and mobile application.

Unlock your full business potential